REVEN-Axion 2018v1.5.0
User Settings

Here you can find the various settings you can configure to fit Axion to your workflow.

GUI settings

Here are the settings that are accessible through the Axion Edit settings menu (F10 by default), located in the Actions menu.

REVEN server

Here you can configure the REVEN server this client will automatically connect to on startup.


Init script

Plugins can be loaded at startup. This setting specifies the python script that will be executed when the GUI starts: the default script loads the shipped plugins.

Shortcut file

You can change which file to load the shortcut from. Please note that restarting Axion is required to load the new shortcut file.

Maximum docks

Widgets usually end up using a lot of screen estate. This setting determines how many docks the GUI will accept before automatically putting newly opened widgets into tabs.

Source view program

This line configures what program Axion will start when viewing a source file (this feature is currently experimental). In this line, %f will be replaced with the filename, and %n with the line number.

Instruction bytes

You can here select whether or not you want to see the actual instruction bytes next to the disassembled instruction in the main instruction view.

Experimental mode

REVEN-Axion is constantly in development. There are incomplete features at the time of shipping, to which we decided to give the users access if they want to see what is coming. Note that we will not support those features, but are always eager to hear your impressions or suggestions. Experimental mode is enabled by default since version 2018v1.4.4.

VNC viewer for scenario creation

This is the command-line to your VNC client, which can be then easily opened in the scenario creation window via the VNC Viewer button.

VNC Launcher

In this line, %p will be replaced with the vnc password, %h with the host and %n with the port number.


Shortcuts have their own dedicated window, which is accessible through the Axion Edit shortcuts menu (F11 by default), located in the Actions menu. Default shortcuts can be downloaded as pdf file from here.

Change shortcuts

It is much advised to explore the shortcut window, where you will discover and customize shortcuts to your liking.

Import & export

You can also export and import shortcut files, which could prove useful if you use the Axion client on different machines.