REVEN-Axion 2018v1.5.0
Python API for Microsoft Windows


Starting with release 2017v1.4.1, you can install the REVEN Python API on a Microsoft Windows OS. We support Windows 7 up to Windows 10.

The installer includes:

  • the REVEN Python library
  • this documentation
  • example scripts, including how to interact with REVEN from inside IDA.

Both documentation and examples are accessible through the Windows Start menu. The API itself is installed within the Python environment along the other Python libraries.

There are two versions of the installer: one for the 32-bit Python environment, and one for the 64-bit one. The former is necessary because IDA ships with a 32-bit Python environment, so you must install it if you wish to use the REVEN Python API from inside IDA. Note that both versions are not mutually exclusive, you can install both.

The installers should be located in the windows/ directory of REVEN's HTTP server. If you cannot find the installers, please contact your system administrator.

IDA support on Windows

We support the 6.8 and 6.9 versions of IDA. Again, please note that it requires installing the 32-bit version of the REVEN Python API.

How to use

Using the REVEN Python API, you can access a reven Project from within IDA. To do so, simply use IDA's python console as you normally would use any other python console:

import reven
project = reven.Project('your.reven.server', 13370)
# [...]

You can also load python scripts from IDA. Please refer to the IDA documentation for more information.


The installed scripts include a few simple examples of how you could enrich your IDA project with information from a REVEN trace. Note that those scripts are meant as starting-points to demonstrate the benefits of using REVEN together with IDA, not as additional features: please read the remarks in the documentation of each script for potential limitations.

The examples include:

See the examples page for more details and python examples.