REVEN-Axion 2018v1.5.0
Licensing model

The license model we provide is a floating, project-centric license model: One license token is taken when a project has at least one active user, and released when all users disconnect from it. We use this model to specifically allow users to launch executions, and leave them running in the background while working on other projects.

The N license tokens you are provided allow at most N projects with connected users, but the following aspects are unlimited:

  • You can create as many users and projects as you want,
  • You can leave as many projects opened (still running or executing) as you want, as long as no user is connected.

We propose two licensing options, depending on your needs:

  • The Mono license: a project can only have at most one active user at any time. Any further connection will be refused. This will behave like a floating user license, because in practice each user will always use one license when connected to a project.
  • The Team license: multiple users can connect to a single project at the same time. One and one license token only will be consumed by each project with one or more active users.

Practical example:

If you have 1 Team and 2 Mono licenses, you could have at the same time:

  • 2 or more projects executing
  • 5 or more other opened projects (named A to E)
  • 10 or more closed projects.
  • 4 or more users connected to project A (one Team license token)
  • 1 user connected to project B, and another connected to project C.

Considering this situation, a new user:

  • Could connect to A since the project has a Team license token
  • Couldn't connect to B or C, since those have Mono license tokens
  • Couldn't connect to D, because there are not any license token left.

Current limitations:

You cannot dynamically switch an opened project from one license type to another. You would have to save it, close it and reopen it with with the desired license type.

Interaction with the API:

Using licenses with the python API requires special care. See license and python for more information.