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class Formatter:

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Allows to format an address for display in Jupyter notebooks.

The addresses will display as clickable links that will signal themselves to clients upon clicking, using the reven2.session mechanism.

For Axion clients for example, this allows to open an hexdump corresponding to the address

Method __init__ Initializes a new formatter.
Instance Variable _rvn Undocumented
Instance Variable _name Undocumented
Instance Variable _size Undocumented
def __init__(self, server=None, name='', size=1, _rvn=None):

Initializes a new formatter.


ParametersserverThe server instance to which publish the address. (type: _Optional[_RevenServer])
nameThe name associated to this address. Used e.g. in Axion as the name of the hexdump (type: str)
sizeThe size of the address range. Used e.g. in Axion as default selection size for the hexdump. (type: int)
_rvnUndocumented (type: _Optional[_reven_api.reven_connection])
_rvn =


_name =


_size =


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