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class Prototype(object):

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Information about a function prototype and its calling convention. Can be used to read arguments and return value at given points in the trace.

Method __init__
Property function
Property calling_convention
Method read_args Read arguments at given context.
Method read_ret Read ret value at given context.
Method call_site_values Get helper to acces arguments and return value on a `call` transition.
Instance Variable _function Undocumented
Instance Variable _callconv Undocumented
Method _try_deref_or_read_value Undocumented
def __init__(self, function_signature, calling_convention):
Parametersfunction_signaturefunction from a parsed C or C++ source. (type: Function)
calling_conventionthe calling convention to use to resolve arguments and return value. (type: _CallConvHelper)
_function =


_callconv =


def _try_deref_or_read_value(self, ctx, target, parsed_type):


ParametersctxUndocumented (type: Context)
targetUndocumented (type: _AnyChunkType)
parsed_typeUndocumented (type: Type)
ReturnsUndocumented (type: _Any)
function =
Returnsthe parsed function information
(type: Function)
calling_convention =
Returnsthe calling convention used for argument and return value resolution.
(type: _CallConvHelper)
def read_args(self, call_ctx):

Read arguments at given context.

Parameterscall_ctxcontext reven2.trace.Context after the call (type: Context)
Returnsiterator of ResolvedArgumentValue (type: _Iterator[ResolvedArgumentValue])
def read_ret(self, ret_ctx):

Read ret value at given context.

Parametersret_ctxcontext reven2.trace.Context after the ret. (type: Context)
ReturnsResolvedRetValue or None. (type: _Optional[ResolvedRetValue])
def call_site_values(self, call_tr):

Get helper to acces arguments and return value on a `call` transition.

Parameterscall_tr`call` transition reven2.trace.Transition (type: Transition)
ReturnsCallSiteValues helper (type: CallSiteValues)
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