Accessing handles

REVEN v2.11.0
OS Windows 64-bit

Listing the file handles owned by the process

# Focus on process handles, ignore the rest
for h in ctx.handles(kernel_handles = False, special_handles = False):
        # Request FileObject handles only, otherwise raise exception
        o = h.object(win.FileObject)
    except ValueError:
    print(f"{h}: {o.filename_with_device}")

Sample output:

Handle 0x4 (object: lin:0xffffc8016fc2c760): \Device\ConDrv\Reference
Handle 0x44 (object: lin:0xffffc8016fa92810): \Device\HarddiskVolume2\reven
Handle 0x48 (object: lin:0xffffc8016fa94a70): \Device\ConDrv\Connect
Handle 0x50 (object: lin:0xffffc8016fa921d0): \Device\ConDrv\Input
Handle 0x54 (object: lin:0xffffc8016fa91eb0): \Device\ConDrv\Output
Handle 0x58 (object: lin:0xffffc8016fa91eb0): \Device\ConDrv\Output
Handle 0xa4 (object: lin:0xffffc8016f8e3b00): \Device\HarddiskVolume2\reven\output

Getting a handle by value

h = ctx.handle(0xa4)

Sample output:

File object "\Device\HarddiskVolume2\reven\output" (lin:0xffffc8016f8e3b00)