Connecting to a server

Server variable

The other examples of this book assume that your Python environment contains a server variable that represents a connection to a REVEN server.

From its host and port

REVEN v2.0.0
# Connecting to a reven server
hostname = "localhost"
port = 13370
server = reven2.RevenServer(hostname, port)

From the scenario's name

REVEN v2.3.0
Edition Enterprise
API preview

You can use a feature of the Workflow API to get a connection to a server from the scenario's name, rather than by specifying a port.

From the CLI:

from reven2.preview.project_manager import ProjectManager
pm = ProjectManager("http://localhost:8880")  # URL to the REVEN Project Manager
connection = pm.connect("cve-2016-7255")  # No need to specify "13370"
server = connection.server

From a script:

with pm.connect("cve-2016-7255") as server:
    # TODO: use the server

This is useful, as the server port will typically change at each reopening of the scenario, while the scenario name remains the same.

If no server is open for that particular scenario when executing the ProjectManager.connect method call, then a new one will be started.