REVEN-Axion 2018v1.5.0
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Welcome to the documentation pages of REVEN-Axion!

In a nutshell

REVEN-Axion is a tool to help reverse-engineer complex programs and situations. It records the live execution of a whole virtual machine for a short period of time and then let the user analyse the resulting trace of executed instructions. The architecture of REVEN allows the recording of code in any ring mode, regardless of page faults, user rights or even OS.

If you are new to REVEN-Axion, you should read the General principles page.


The Installation and Setup and configuration pages contains instructions you should read and follow if your copy of REVEN-Axion isn't already installed.

See also the Python API for Microsoft Windows page.

If you're updating your copy, you might want to see what changed in the Change log.

General Usage Information

In the following page you will find information about the usage of REVEN-Axion. You should understand how reven works first, though.

Reference quick-access

You could find the following information useful:

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