REVEN in Hyper-V

Here are the specific steps to import the pre-installed REVEN's Hyper-V VHDX disk.

Before proceeding to the following steps, please make sure you read the general steps for installing REVEN in a VM first.

Creating and configuring the VM

VM Creation

  1. Open up the Hyper-V Manager.

  2. Under the "Action" menu, select "New", then "Virtual Machine".

    New Hyper-V

  3. Specify the name and location you want.

  4. Specify "Generation 1" VM.

    Hyper-V generation 1

  5. Select at least 16384MiB of RAM.

    Hyper-V RAM

  6. Select a connection that allows you to connect to this machine from your host, and also allows the VM to access the Internet. Default Switch should work on default setups:

    Hyper-V network

  7. Next, connect to the REVEN VM disk you previously downloaded:

    Hyper-V disk 1

  8. At this stage, your VM summary should look like this:

    Hyper-V summary 1

  9. Click on "Finish".

Further configuration

We cannot boot the VM yet, further configuration is required:

  1. Open the VM's settings dialog.

    Hyper-V settings

  2. Change the number of virtual processors to the recommended 8:

    Hyper-V settings

  3. Select the IDE disk that will serve as the data disk on Ide Controller 0. If you are upgrading from a previous VM installation, you can select the previous disk - otherwise you must create a new one:

    1. The disk should be VHDX.
    2. Dynamically expanding is acceptable. Hyper-V settings
  4. At this stage, your VM should look like this:

    Hyper-V final summary

  5. Finally, you must activate nested virtualization on this VM:

    1. Open an administrator powershell console.
    2. Enter the command Set-VMProcessor -VMName <VMName> -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true (replace <VMName> with your VM's name) Hyper-V activate nested

Booting it up

Your REVEN VM is now properly configured, you can go back to the general steps to install REVEN in a VM to boot it up.