About REVEN Free Edition

REVEN Free Edition is a REVEN edition that you can use for free. It is aimed at hobbyists, students, or professionals who would like to test REVEN before opting for a paid edition.

It presents the following differences with the REVEN Professional Edition:

  • It is only possible to replay/record scenarios using one of the following environments:
    • Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit).
    • The provided Debian 9 Stretch Virtual Machine (VM). The paid editions provide support for analyses of Windows 10, Windows 11, and Linux up to kernel version 4.19. Furthermore, it is possible to record any OS on any x64 VM (although OS Specific Information might be missing).
  • It is necessary to perform the "Prepare" step for all VMs and to replay the OS Specific Information (OSSI) to record/replay a scenario.
  • It is only possible to import scenarios that were recorded in an environment supported by the Free Edition.
  • The Free Edition will follow its own schedule of updates: it may not benefit from the features, bugfixes and other improvements of the paid editions on the same time frame.

For more details about the characteristics of the Free Edition, please refer to the edition page on the website.

Software download

You can download REVEN Free Edition from the dedicated page. Choose the docker package if installing on any Linux 64-bit, or the native package if installing on a Debian 10 Buster 64-bit.

License setup

REVEN Free Edition requires a free, 3-month license that can be renewed. There is no upper limit to the number of successive free licenses you can generate. We'd be glad to hear back from you during the renew process. Feel free to provide a rating and comments on that occasion.

After installing the REVEN server, you will need to install a free license on the first use of the Project Manager.

Point your favorite web browser to the Project Manager's homepage: http://localhost:8880 by default. The welcome screen will ask you to generate a license.

Generating a free license can be done:

  • From REVEN's Project Manager if connected to the Internet.
  • From another Internet-enabled device, using the URL provided by the Project Manager.

Analyzing your first scenario


Follow the Quick start guide for Windows 7.


Download the provided Debian 9 Stretch VM, then follow the Quick start guide for Linux.

Internet Connectivity

REVEN Free Edition can be used on an air-gapped machine. When an active Internet connection is available:

  • You can import Virtual Machines from the Internet directly in the Project Manager.
  • REVEN can download PDB files from the Internet.
  • REVEN Free Edition performs online license checks from time to time. License checks only include your license key.

Software support

Email-based support is reserved to paid editions; Free Edition users are invited to consult the Support page for more information on how to get support.