Local dedicated clients installation

When installing dedicated clients on the machine that houses the REVEN server, you can follow the procedures below.

Enabling local rendering of VMs and Axion

When working locally on the REVEN server, you can enable the rendering of Virtual Machines (VMs) and the Axion GUI as standard Desktop applications, rather than accessing them in your browser.

  1. Ensure you have the setting QUASAR_USE_VNC set to False. Note that for users of the Docker package, the procedure to achieve this is a bit more involved, please refer to the relevant section.

  2. Launch the Project Manager services, with the following command at the root of the installation directory:


    You may need to run ./stop.sh to stop the Project Manager if it was already running.

  3. Then point your favorite web browser to the Project Manager's homepage: http://your-reven-host:8880/

NOTE: The Project Manager will run X programs for you to record a scenario, or to access the Axion GUI.

NOTE: If you ever want to get back the rendering in browser of Axion and the VMs, toogle QUASAR_USE_VNC back to False.

Local Python API use

Please refer to the Python API installation page.