Managing scenarios

  1. Configure and record a scenario.
  2. Replay the scenario and generate analysis data.
  3. You can now Analyze the scenario with the Axion GUI.
  4. You can also Import or export scenario.

Then, in the Scenario Manager:

  1. Create a new scenario, selecting the previously created disk snapshot.
  2. Load the previously created live snapshot.
  3. Record your trace.
  4. Force shutdown the VM.

NOTE: At this point, the disk snapshot contains an OS that didn't properly shutdown: it is usually not an issue because restoring the live snapshot will overwrite this state, but booting the VM from the disk snapshot itself will likely trigger any disk verification process the guest OS may have.

NOTE: You can save live snapshot during scenario creation as well, if necessary.

NOTE: For simpler situations, you might have a few live snapshots in emulation mode for various use cases: one with network, one without, etc.

Finally, check out the Troubleshooting page if you have errors.