Jupyter Integration

REVEN includes a Jupyter notebook server so that you can easily create notebooks on a given scenario from the Project Manager.

Jupyter notebook is a web interface that allows, among other things, to execute Python code and prepare Markdown write-ups from your browser.

Using Jupyter notebook

To start using Jupyter notebook, please follow the steps below:

  1. From the Analyze page of any scenario, click the Open Python button.

  2. In the newly opened browser tab, click the New button

    NOTE: When creating a new Python notebook, always choose the current version of REVEN, e.g. for REVEN 2.5, choose reven-2.5-python3, otherwise you will not be able to import reven2 successfully.

  3. Go back to your Analyze tab and click the Copy to clipboard button to copy the snippet allowing you to connect to the REVEN server.

  4. Paste the snippet as the first cell of the notebook. Execute the snippet using for instance Shift+Enter.

Axion-Jupyter synchronization

Jupyter notebooks also benefit from the Python/Axion synchronization feature.

When using the Jupyter integration, transitions and addresses are displayed as clickable links. Clicking these links will instruct any synchronized Axion to go to that transition or open a hexdump at that address.