Axion - User guide

Axion is REVEN v2 GUI for scenario analysis. It helps reverse-engineer complex programs and situations.

Installing Axion

Axion is comprised in the REVEN v2 package for the Debian 10 Buster x64 servers. Axion is also available as an AppImage package. Please refer to the REVEN v2 installation guide for further guidance on deploying these packages.

Using Axion

Axion can be launched from the Project Manager REVEN v2 web GUI, on scenarios that have appropriate data available for analysis. Please refer to the REVEN v2 Project Manager User Guide for further guidance on preparing a scenario for analysis by Axion.

Axion can also be launched manually on the REVEN server itself or using the AppImage from a remote client.

Core Analysis views

Axion provides several views to analyze a scenario.

  • Trace view
  • Trace Filter view
  • CPU view
  • OS Specific Information (OSSI)
  • Calltree view
  • Backtrace view
  • Search view
  • Memory - Hexdump view
  • Memory - Memory history view
  • Memory - Physical history view
  • Framebuffer view
  • Taint view

Tool views

  • Logs
  • Bookmarks

Visit the Axion Views page for more details on how to use each view.

Axion synchronization

You can synchronize Axion with Python clients, for instance to select a transition in Axion from Python.

Visit the Axion synchronization page for more details on this feature.