Upgrading from previous REVEN versions

Upgrading from REVEN<=2.7.1 to >=2.8.0

Please follow the dedicated guide, as this upgrade requires a Debian upgrade.

Upgrading from REVEN 2.x

To upgrade from a previous REVEN v2.x version, please follow the following steps:

  1. Stop the running REVEN Project Manager by calling the stop.sh script from the directory of the REVEN 2.x installation being upgraded.

  2. Extract the archive to a new directory, as described in the Installation page.

  3. Run install.sh as an administrator to update system dependencies.

  4. Upon running start.sh for the first time, you will be provided with the choice to migrate your scenarios from your existing REVEN 2.x installations.

  5. If upgrading from REVEN < 2.4, you will be prompted for your license key on the first start of the Project Manager. You should have received your license key by email. If not, please contact support.

Upgrading from REVEN v1.x

To upgrade from a REVEN v1.x version, you will need to perform a fresh installation by following the installation instructions.