Known issues and limitations

These are items we want to let you know about:

  • In REVEN v2.8.0, disassembled instructions are displayed without prefix(es) in Axion and the Python API.
  • Only a single taint can run concurrently per REVEN scenario: currently, starting a second taint, even from a different Axion or the Python API, will cancel the first running taint. Besides, if two clients (such as two Axion sessions) are involved, the first client may display mixed taint results.
  • If a taint generates many changes, the taint widget may slow down Axion. Cancelling the current taint operation will revert Axion's slowdown.
  • When using the auto-record functionality, the replay operation may fail at the start of the trace with the following error: detect_infinite_loops: Assertion 'false' failed. Performing a new scenario recording usually fixes the issue.