REVEN v2 Project Manager - Quick start

REVEN v2 comes with new services accessible through a Project Manager web interface to manage Virtual Machines, scenarios and associated data, and to launch Axion on those scenarios.

Project Workflow

Once REVEN v2 has been installed, the overall workflow of a Reverse Engineering project goes as follows:

  1. Create and configure the Virtual Machine (VM) of the project.
  2. Get OSSI information.
  3. Configure and record a scenario.
  4. Replay the scenario and generate analysis data.
  5. Analyze the scenario with Axion GUI.

Monitoring REVEN v2 tasks and sessions

Using the Project Manager, you can monitor:

  • Ongoing tasks such as:
    • Replaying a scenario
    • Preparing OS-specfic information related to a VM
  • Sessions such as:
    • Launched REVEN servers
    • Launched Axion GUI

Learn more about Tasks & Sessions.
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