About REVEN Professional Edition

REVEN Professional Edition is a paid REVEN edition that you can use with an active Internet connection as a named individual. It is aimed at professional Reverse Engineers that use REVEN to augment their RE practice.

Compared with the Free Edition, the Professional Edition presents the following advantages:

  • Support of recent Windows versions, including Windows 10, and more recent Linux kernels (up to 4.18) as targets for recording/replaying/analyzing scenarios.
  • Ability to record/replay/analyze unsupported target OSes (the OSSI and other features might not be available on unsupported targets).
  • A regular release schedule with new features, improvements and bugfixes.
  • Direct support through the support@tetrane.com email address.

Compared to the Enterprise Edition, the Professional Edition has the following differences:

  • Named license that is checked online and requires an active Internet connection.
  • Restricted to a single parallel workflow: 1 record & 1 replay allowed in parallel, 1 analysis allowed in parallel.
  • No Workflow API, that allows to programmatically record/replay scenarios and start analyses.
  • No access to the binary/ASM stub autorecord features.

For more details about the characteristics of the Professional Edition, please refer to the edition page on the website.

Getting started

Please refer to the standard documentation's Installation section for getting started.