Project manager (Quasar 1.0.3)

  • QUASAR_LIVE_PDB_DOWNLOAD is now set to False by default.
  • Improved UI by adding indentation on many pages.


  • T2924 - In widgets displaying tables, the horizontal scrollbar now moves pixel by pixel rather than column by column.
  • T2946 - Taint widget: warning emitted by backward taint can now be closed.
  • T2904 - Align transition number on the right in the following widgets: memory history, backtrace, bookmark, string access, taint.
  • T2917 - Bookmark widget: correctly display binary name when symbol name is unknown.
  • T2944 - Demangling: added support of CXX mangle format for Windows64 OS.
  • Allowed to use axion.ext() to exit Axion from plugins.

Low-level bindings

  • Bind get_current_process network service in the low-level bindings.

Fixed issues

Project manager (Quasar 1.0.3)

  • Improved UX when errors occur during the start/stop process of the Project Manager.
  • Improved error handling when the Project Managers calls external programs that may fail.
  • Various fixes and small UI improvements in the scenario and VM management workflow.


  • Backtrace widget: improved performance.
  • T2954 - Framebuffer widget: fixed framebuffer not displayed on first transition.
  • T2901 - Framebuffer widget: zoomed position in the framebuffer widget is not reset anymore when time-traveling.
  • T2898 - Trace view: fixed display of sequences in trace view in some cases.
  • Trace view: fixed display of long UTF16 strings.

REVEN server

  • T2922 - Taint: Support iretq and xadd instructions in the taint.
  • T2940 - Taint: Improved performance of the backward taint in some use cases.