REVEN installation instructions

This section will guide you through the process of installing REVEN for the first time.

By the end of this section, you will have a running REVEN server with its license setup and will be able to proceed to the quick start guide.

To upgrade REVEN to a newer version, please read the "Upgrading REVEN" section in the release notes.

Getting the packages

You can find the download links for the available REVEN packages in the message you received containing your REVEN license information. Choose the package depending on whether you wish to install on any Linux distribution through the Docker image or natively on Debian Buster.

These links always points to the latest released version of REVEN, so you can reuse them when upgrading.

Choosing which package to install

If you wish to install REVEN on an existing Linux distribution, we recommend you choose the Docker package to do so.

If you are installing a fresh Linux distribution dedicated to REVEN on your hardware, we recommend to install Debian Buster and use the native REVEN package that has more configuration options and supports VirtualBox VMs.

Installation steps

REVEN consists of a server and of several clients. The server provides the Record/Replay features, and exposes the Project Manager, a web interface to manage projects. The clients (Axion GUI, Python API) connect to the server and uses its analysis feature to allow for manual or automatic analysis.

Please follow the steps below to install REVEN:

  1. Before installing, please review the pre-requisites.
  2. Installing the server part of the software is mandatory.
  3. After the server installation, it is mandatory to install a license to finalize the setup.
  4. You can now access your REVEN installation entirely from the web interface.

Optionally, the client part can be installed locally.

Open source software license information

REVEN implements programs governed by a free or open source license. The corresponding list of programs, their license(s) and source code are available at These programs come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; before using, modifying or distributing them, please make sure to read their license and accept the attached terms and conditions; you are welcome to redistribute free or open source software under certain conditions.