Archive content

This archive shipment consists of an archive file reven-2.11.0.tar.gz with the following content:

  • reven-2.11.0.tar.gz: full REVEN archive containing the Project Manager, server, clients and their dependencies
    • README.pdf: document containing installation guidelines for REVEN
    • text version of README.pdf
    • doc/: directory containing text version of the documentation
    • examples/: directory containing various Python API examples
    • script to run as root to install the dependencies
    • script to run as REVEN user to start the REVEN Project Manager
      • script to stop the running REVEN Project Manager
      • the Project Manager settings
    • python-doc: directory containing the Python API reference in HTML format
    • tools: directory containing various downloadable tools and subpackages:
      • debian_upgrade: helper scripts for the Debian upgrade procedure
      • REVEN-2.11.0-python3.7-debian-buster.tar.gz: Python 3.7 Debian Buster amd64 Python API package
      • Python 3.7 Windows 10 64-bit Python API package
      • An utility that makes Windows VMs lighter to ease recording with REVEN.
      • Small library that encapsulates in C functions the ASM instructions used to start/stop records from the guest.
      • Windows utility to connect WinDbg to a REVEN server.
    • third-parties: directory containing plugins for third-party tools:
      • A REVEN plugin for volatility

Supported installation environments

Starting with REVEN 2.8.0, the supported installation environment for the REVEN Project Manager and Axion is Debian 10 Buster amd64. For the REVEN v2 Python API, the supported installation environments are Debian 10 Buster amd64 and Windows 10 64-bit. For the REVEN Kd Bridge, the supported installation environment is Windows 10 64-bit.