REVEN 2.10.1 sees the release of the Free Edition, and contains some improvements and bugfixes. Upgrade from REVEN 2.10.0 is recommended.

  • If upgrading from 2.9.0 or earlier, it is mandatory to read the release notes for version 2.10.0.
  • If upgrading from 2.8.1 or earlier, it is recommended to read the release notes for version 2.9.0.



  • The current thread ID is displayed in the status bar in Windows and Linux scenarios.
  • A new Prototype Widget is available that allows to resolve a symbol call's parameters and return value.

Analysis Python API

  • The new REVEN API Cookbook can be found on GitHub or inside the package.
  • The new Type.to_bytes method allows to convert a value of a type to its byte representation.

Fixed issues


  • The symbol resolution from an ELF binary in a Linux scenario is now more complete and no longer exhibits incorrect RVA.

Project Manager

  • The VM Wizard now displays progress when converting a VM and no longer prevents from going to the next step after conversion has ended.
  • The error messages explaining why a step isn't available for a scenario in the scenario list are now easier to discover.


  • The binary completion list is now correctly displayed in the KDE desktop environment.

WinDbg integration

  • The bridge no longer crashes when a debugging command (such as g) is attempted without having replayed the necessary resources for that scenario.
  • The bridge no longer loops infinitely when a debugging command (such as g) is attempted with WinDbg version 2111.
  • The bridge no longer returns wrong instruction data for the current instruction when a breakpoint is hit on a 32-bit scenario.